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by Louise Marr, Preston Lodge High School

On Tuesday 23rd October, the S3 options film-making class made their way to Napier University to take up an exciting opportunity. Four speakers took to the stage and each one told us what their job was in the film industry. Fraser Murdoch, visual effects supervisor, took to the stage first. He was followed by Nicole Duncan, production manager at The Mill, London. The Mill is an advertising agency and happened to make last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. We were also treated to a viewing of their new Nike advert. Nicole was followed by Roo MacNeill, a modeller who happened to be the modeller on the Avenger’s movie, and finally, last but not least, managing director of union, Lucy Cooper. Union has been responsible for many blockbuster movies. See their website for more details.

All speakers were Scottish and had travelled some distance to speak to the group assembled. They talked about their career pathways, beginning with what they did at school, followed by university and how they got to where they are today. They made clear that there is a skills gap and lots of jobs in this industry for anyone who is interested.

After the talks, the speakers chatted with attendees. There were also other people there from the visual effects and film industry. It was invaluable talking with them. We were invited to Axis Animation’s studio in Glasgow for a tour and they offer worked experience places to our students.

This was a fantastic opportunity. We learned so much about visual effects but also how to go about securing a job in that field. We are grateful to all the speakers and people who gave up their valuable time to promote their jobs to young people – the next generation of filmmakers!

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Fraser Murdoch, Visual Effects Supervisor


Ruairidh MacNeill, modeller, Framestore


Lucy Cooper, managing director, Union


Nicole Duncan, producer, The Mill