Keyframes for Success at BFX 2019


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By Lucy Cooper, Managing Director

I was invited to take part in a panel at BFX in early October to tell my career story and provide advice to young women looking to break into or advance within the industry.

BFX takes place at Bournemouth University and is the UK’s largest visual effects and animation festival with a range of talks from global studios.

I was joined on the panel by Lucy Wisada, Assistant TD at Framestore; JoAnne Salmon, 2D Animator and Illustrator at LoveLove Films; Shannon Reeve, Production Co-ordinator at LoveLove Films and Natalie McKay, Talent Co-ordinator at Aardman Animations.

A great range of panelists, each with their own experiences and insights to share. We discussed challenges, career advice, taking advantage of opportunities, imposter syndrome and more.

We had lots of input from our audience and I think the most valuable thing I was able to impart was that things won't always go according to plan and that is not always a bad thing.

I don't know anyone who has followed a straight path. I definitely haven't.

The industry is constantly changing and evolving and it's a big landscape.  Don't be too laser focussed in case you miss great opportunities along the way.  Stay curious and make the most of every opportunity you have.

If you are starting out in VFX, why not get yourself an industry mentor to act as a sounding board and help you along the way?

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