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Union take part in Industry Connect networking event with We are Stripes & Access: VFX

Last week Union producer Zaf Janjua took part in an Access: VFX and We Are Stripes 'Industry Connect' networking event.

The event was the first of its kind and spearheaded by Access: VFX presenting an opportunity for participants to find out about careers in film and commercial visual effects from industry professionals who are already working in it.

Hosted by The Mill, the evening kicked off with a short introduction to Access: VFX followed by speed dating with the different disciplines offered by the VFX industry.

- Production

- 2D

- 3D set builds

- Emerging Technology

- Animation

- Design and concept artists

- Other jobs in the VFX Industry (HR, Finance, Marketing etc.)

Representatives from Union, The Mill, Double Negative, ILM, Blue Zoo Animation and Framestore shared their career stories with an enthusiastic audience.

Zaf commented:

“I thought it was an invaluable event for all involved. Routes into the industry are hard enough as it is, so to be able to advise and encourage future candidates on what they should be mindful of was a pleasure and a privilege.”

We Are Stripes
Is a U.K. based initiative whose purpose is to create opportunities for BAME entry into the advertising and creative industries and supporting current BAME individuals with career progression. We are a network consisting of mentors, individuals and organisations from all parts of the creative industry.

Access: VFX
We are a cross-company initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the VFX industry.
Many VFX companies, educational establishments and industry organisations have come together to create initiatives & events to help raise awareness and champion the important issue, helping to bring about change.