Union talk to UAL Masters Students about Matchmove


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Union head to UAL to talk to Masters Students about their first steps in the film industry.

Union Matchmove Artist and CG Generalist Dom Maidlow was recently invited to UAL (University of the Arts London) to speak to Animation Masters Students about taking their first steps into the film industry.

Most 3D Artists entering the industry start out as Matchmove Artists so Dom also ran a practical hands-on session on 3D Equalizer - one of the most commonly used tracking software - demonstrating the benefits of tracking cameras in order to add CG elements to them.

Dom had a great day at UAL:

"I was able to really help the students understand what is required for their portfolio and what the best route would be for them post-graduation. I talked in depth about the work and projects we typically undertake at Union and what employers are looking for.

The students were noticeably enthusiastic about learning 3D Equalizer to aid in adding animated characters to various shot plates their final projects and grasped that matchmove is a critical skill to get in the door in 3D side of VFX.

The day went quickly and was well received by both the students and the head of course.  I really enjoyed it and hope to do more similar events."

You can find out more about UAL's Masters in Animation here.