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Ric Roman Waugh

Union’s Action-Packed VFX for Kandahar

Globally renowned actor and producer Gerard Butler (known for the Has Fallen Trilogy and Plane) delivers a standout performance as the fearless undercover agent Tom Harris in the heart-pumping action film Kandahar. 

In a highly anticipated cat-and-mouse thriller, Butler joins forces with acclaimed action director Ric Roman Waugh (Angel Has Fallen, Greenland), joined by an all-star lineup including Navid Negahban (Aladdin, "Homeland"), Ali Fazal (Victoria & Abdul, "Mirzapur"), and Tom Rhys Harries ("White Lines", The Gentlemen). From start to finish, Kandahar delivers non-stop excitement with its explosive blasts, high-octane chases, and gripping combat sequences set against the treacherous backdrop of the Middle East.

Gerard Butler portrays Tom Harris, a CIA agent who becomes stranded in dangerous territory while on a covert mission in Afghanistan. Exposed during his mission, he must make a daring escape to an extraction point in Kandahar, all while ensuring the safety of his Afghan translator, eluding elite enemies and unrelenting foreign agents hot on their trail.

Union contributed to 114 shots throughout the project. FX-heavy set extensions were utilised to showcase burning villages, while the team also skillfully incorporated mesmerising city lights into vast cityscapes and added a dynamic dusty atmosphere to a rugged market town in the Afghan desert.

Additional tasks involved incorporating reflective driving composites, utilizing split screens, creating day-for-night effects, replacing screens, and designing drone interface graphics. 

VFX Producer Sophie Robeson shared, "The Burning Village scene was hard to pull off since we didn't have any special effects footage to work with. We had to add in CG elements and make sure it matched perfectly, which was tough but satisfying when we nailed it."

Kandahar is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.