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London 2012

Director | Danny Boyle

Union Collaborate with Director Danny Boyle on Short Films for London 2012 Olympics

In collaboration with Artistic Director Danny Boyle and the BBC, Union created the short film ‘Isles of Wonder’ which featured in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

Union was responsible for realizing Boyle’s creative vision, from the storyboards and pre-visualization to final post production. 

VFX Supervisor and Union Co-Founder Adam Gascoyne commented: “In the wake of the success of the Beijing Olympics and with an international audience of 900 million viewers, contributing such a significant element was a slightly daunting, but amazing challenge that the whole Union team relished.”

This was a unique opportunity to put Union’s feature film VFX experience to work in a truly different way. 

The project was shrouded in secrecy and Union were involved from pre-vis until delivery.  “The team did us proud keeping tight lipped about what we were up to” added Gascoyne.  “Most of them were involved shooting all over London, with some spending days in waders in the Thames - I was even under water acting as marine cameraman!  We were all really proud of the end result.” 

You can watch the full film here.